This is how Blizzard fights the magician's improvement in WoW "Classic Fresh"

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Anyone who has played WoW Classic will remember that countless magicians made a lot of money through their boost services. Especially in dungeons like Maraudon and Zul'Falak, huge pulls are possible. Thanks to this, the lads in the off-travel places can climb in a very short time.

This method may be effective, but dungeon reinforcement also ensures that there are hardly any twinks in the open world to do tasks or join "companion" instance groups. So we can understand why Blizzard wants to prevent the dungeon from improving as much as possible in the WoW Classic: Championship season.

In the past week, data miners have found clues about how Blizzard plans to combat Boosting. Now the first confirmed adjustment has landed on the test server:

There are noticeably fewer experience points from killed monsters if you are in a group with one or more characters that have a significantly higher level than the defeated monster.
In Stratholme and Maraudon, many enemies gain immunity to Root and Slow effects 30 and 60 seconds after being pulled, respectively.
In Maraudon, enemies immune to root effects receive a 50 percent increase in movement speed.
Any kind of control effect (apart from roots and slows) will refresh the immunity and movement speed buff in Maraudon and Stratholme.
The zombie trolls in Zul'Farrak now drop less valuable loot. Most of the zombie trolls' loot was distributed among the other enemy types in the dungeon.

According to the developer, these changes are just the "first round" against "boost" and "power leveling". There may be adjustments in the future, and I will always pay attention to them and share the adjustments with everyone as soon as possible. If the player feels struggling in the game, he can spend a little Cheap TBC Classic Gold to strengthen his equipment. If you don't have enough gold, you can go to a trusted professional sales website.

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