Some features that Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Roost should have

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From Nintendo's latest Direct event, we already know that Brewster and his 24/7 coffee shop The Roost are returning to the franchise. Now, provides players with the best price to buy Animal Crossing Bells. Although we do not yet know what detailed information can find in the Roost, according to the previous Animal Crossing games, it should provide more than just coffee, but also hope that it has some of the following features in New Horizons.
1. Coffee that comes with bonuses
The Roost must provide players with coffee, otherwise, it is not The Roost! However, although coffee hasn't really affected the players in previous Animal Crossing games, New Horizons may change this.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has provided players with ample reasons to eat. Eating the fruit allows players to dig a tree out of the ground with a shovel, allowing them to change the appearance of the island without completely losing a tree. Drinking a cup of joe should have a similar effect, after pounding some back, giving players a decent boost to their speed. If coffee eventually produces this effect, players will undoubtedly welcome it.

2. Storage in the cafe
In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it's hard not to be a hoarder. Due to a large number of resources in the game, players will eventually run out of storage space. Since the fully upgraded home has 2400 storage slots, it may take a while, but people who play games every day will eventually fill it up.

The Roost may eventually become a reliable solution to the player storage problem, at least to some extent. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, players can store Gyroids in their coffee shop. In New Horizons, Brewster should provide the same service, but with a broader standard. If players can store items in The Roost, they will have a complete second base for making items or simply storing furniture.

3. Visits from special characters
Animal Crossing has a wide range of characters, although there are not many of them in New Horizons. Tortimer, Mr. Resetti, and other characters are completely excluded from the game, although The Roost may be a great opportunity to bring those familiar faces back again.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, The Roost is the center used by villagers. They can come in, order some coffee, and hang out in the bar. However, together with ordinary villagers, special characters sometimes appear and visit randomly. A similar mechanism is very suitable for New Horizons, it already has provided players with a list of tasks to be completed every day. Go to The Roost to see if there are any special characters, players need to complete one more thing, and they can also see a villager who is usually not on the island. 

Do you expect these features to be added to the Roost update? Welcome to discuss with us in the comments section below. Buy ACNH Bells For Sale in our store you will have some discount, welcome you!


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